how to choose engagement rings

Choosing a ring for your engagement may be confusing and stress as you want it to be special.It may seem as you lose for choice.All the ring out there seem to be beautiful.

First of all you have to decide on your budget. How expensive you can afford the engagement ring to be.

There are many type and style of ring.You may want make a mental note of how you want your engagement ring.

You may want to do some searching online on the design so you are aware and make sure that you don`t regret on the one that you have choosen.There are many design which is popular out there.the one thing of such popular ring is that it may be too common.

Make time to choose,probably make a day off to browse around for the ring at jellewery shop .Go with your love one,beside searching for the ring you can have a wonderful time with him.Avoid being pressure to buy it.firmly,but politely that you are just browsing if the the salesperson bother you.

If you have a design in mind but cant seem to find it ,why not customize your ring.It will make it more unique and have more meaning or can symbolise something.

Umm..sorry how do you pronounce that?

It`s embarrassing to say a popular brand name wrongly when you are in stores specially when you are a women or when you are showing off to you friends.Imagine the face of your frenemy when you say it wrongly .You will be totally humiliated and other people you surely make a weird look at you or just give you a sarcastic smile.So get the name right.

Brand name ------Pronounce as

Chopard ---------show-pard

Bulgari---------- bullgery

Piaget--------- pee-a-jay

Jaeger LeCoultre ----------Jay-ger lay-coo-tray

Audemars Piguet ---------oh-der-mar pee-gay

It not just for women only, guys you should also take note of the luxury brand that your special girlfriend love so that you have ideas for what to buy for her when any special day come. Be sure to know how the brand are pronounce too