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Rings can be a very personal thing. The ones you wear can say a lot about your personality and who you are. So if you are going to pick out one for yourself, where do you start? There are such a multitude of rings to choose from today. There are modern styles, classic styles, and antique styles, just to name a few.
Some are plain gold or platinum with no gem stones, some have rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. Those are just some of the ones you can pick from in a jewelry store. What if you decide you want to have a ring made by a custom designer? The choices suddenly become endless.
The one choice for a ring that can never be wrong is a diamond. Who does not love a diamond? They are usually clear white and stunning. Depending on the setting you choose, they can be worn almost anytime, anywhere, and with almost anything. With color gemstones, it can be a problem matching them to all outfits and can limit when you wear it. Generally you will not have that concern with diamond jewelry.
When picking out a ring, start with the metal it will be set in. If the bulk of your other jewelry is gold tone, then a 10k or 14k yellow gold might be the best choice. If you own more silver toned pieces, you might rather have it be 10k or 14k white gold, or even platinum.
If you go with gold, white or yellow, consider how regularly you will wear your diamond ring. If it will be daily, or if you are rough on your jewelry, 10k will most likely work best because it is not as soft as 14k gold. It will wear out less quickly on the shank, or band part of the ring. This is a common problem when wearing a ring continuously, because constant wearing will weaken the back side of the shank and sometimes will lead to it breaking.
When picking the setting for your diamond, keep the style in mind. Think about what type of clothing you wear most. Do you dress casual a lot, or do you dress up more often or even daily?
Your setting should be something that matches what you wear most. This will limit your beautiful new ring sitting at home alone in your jewelry box because it does not look well with your attire, Women have always tended to worry more about small details like this, but men have begun to be just as picky over the last couple of decades.Article source:

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