Umm..sorry how do you pronounce that?

It`s embarrassing to say a popular brand name wrongly when you are in stores specially when you are a women or when you are showing off to you friends.Imagine the face of your frenemy when you say it wrongly .You will be totally humiliated and other people you surely make a weird look at you or just give you a sarcastic smile.So get the name right.

Brand name ------Pronounce as

Chopard ---------show-pard

Bulgari---------- bullgery

Piaget--------- pee-a-jay

Jaeger LeCoultre ----------Jay-ger lay-coo-tray

Audemars Piguet ---------oh-der-mar pee-gay

It not just for women only, guys you should also take note of the luxury brand that your special girlfriend love so that you have ideas for what to buy for her when any special day come. Be sure to know how the brand are pronounce too


Jewels For Hope said...

ha ha I have horrible pronunciation so I love this post :)