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Shopping for Custom Design Engagement RingsTraditionally (at least in the Western world), men present rings to the women they intend to marry, and custom design engagement rings are the best choice. Such custom handcrafted jewelry is one-of-a-kind; there are no two custom design engagement rings that will ever look exactly alike.Ancient TraditionDuring Hellenistic times, men formalized marriage agreements with the unique piece of custom made jewelry that has come to be known as the engagement ring by placing it on the fourth finger of his betrothed’s left hand. In ancient Rome, it was said that this particular finger contained the vena amoris – literally, the “vein of love.” This tradition as continued to the present day, as this form of custom designed jewelry continues to be worn on what we now call the “ring finger” of the left hand, at least in North America and the U.K. In some cultures however – such as those of Poland and among orthodox Jews – custom design engagement rings are actually worn on the right hand.It’s More Than Gold and DiamondsThose who work in the field of custom jewelry design create a wide variety of custom design engagement rings, which can range from plain metal bands made from white, yellow or red gold, silver, or even platinum. Tradition dictates that diamond be used in such custom made jewelry, but such tradition hardly has the force of law – which is the great thing about custom jewelry design. “Custom” means you can have it your way – so if your betrothed for some reason prefers sapphires to diamonds, there’s no reason why such a piece of custom handcrafted jewelry be created!They’re Not Just For Women AnymoreIt’s a rare custom at present, but the practice is becoming increasingly common: women who at the time of an engagement, purchase custom design engagement rings for their men. In Northern Europe, it is actually quite common for both the man and the woman to wear rings during the engagement. In Spain, a woman’s choice for custom men’s jewelry when she accepts a marriage proposal is a wristwatch.Do What You WantTraditions are made to be broken – it’s not like the Middle Ages when the Church provided literal “engagement police.” If both want to wear custom design engagement rings that are elaborate and feature expensive gem settings or simple gold or silver bands, an online ring designer is available to provide those one or two-of-a-kind custom handcrafted jewelry pieces. After all, the best custom design engagement rings are the ones that please you and your betrothed.
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Wearing Jewelry LIke a Pro - New Fun Ways to Wear Your Jewelry

By Carrie Johnson Published 10/17/2005 Fashion Unrated
Wearing Jewelry LIke a Pro - New Fun Ways to Wear Your Jewelry
As with everything else in life, sometimes we fall into habits in how we wear our jewelry.

We put the brooch on out left shoulder, we wear the same necklace with the same dress and the same earrings.

This article will help stimulate your thinking about how you wear jewelry. It's not exhaustive -- if you have other ideas of better ways to use jewelry, let me know.

Pins are perhaps the most versatile of jewelry. In addition to the usual shoulder or lapel, they are often worn with scarves. Try these other ways of wearing your pins to extend your jewelry vocabulary.

Pins on hats. Wearing a pin on a hat has a very long tradition As hats become popular once again we can start making use of this great old technique.

You can pin the brooch on the hatband or higher up on the crown of the hat, or use it to hold up part of the brim (If your hat has a brim). Use a whole circle of pins around the hatband for a charming effect (especially effective with animal jewelry). Make a whole menagerie for your hat. Play with your animal jewelry brooches as if your were playing jungle as a child.

Pins can also be worn on belts and handbags. Try a pin on your belt a bit off to one side. If it's a belt with a simple or self buckle, this can add just the bit of extra interest you need (especially if you have a slim waist to show off).

Putting a brooch on an old handbag can give it new life. You can also take a plain purse and dress it up for evening by the addition of a brooch or two.

Brooches can be added to hair clips to make a one of a kind hair ornament. Or string your favorite brooch on a cord. By knotting the cord and tying the brooch in the middle you can keep many pins upright and hanging correctly. You now have a whole new pendant.

Try a line of 3 or 4 brooches running down the thigh of your jeans. Or group several brooches across your bodice like a necklace.

You can even use brooches on your shoes, if they are of the right sort. This is an unusual technique that's sure to get you noticed.

Rings, of course, can be worn on chains around your neck as well as on your fingers. In the Renaissance they used to make very large rings specifically to be worn around the neck (they were too big for anyone but a giant to wear on their fingers).

You can also weave rings into your hair. Whether you have long hair or short, you can put the ring very close to your scalp and then braid it in. This is a fun technique to give a little sparkle and curiosity to an otherwise commonplace hairdo.

Of course necklaces are great woven into hair too. This is a technique that's been practiced for centuries. During the time of the Louis's, French women had elaborate wigs with necklaces already woven in. Queen Elizabethan (and other Renaissance ladies) also wore necklaces with strings of jewels woven into her elaborate hairdos.

If you have some long necklaces that unclip, try weaving them around a belt before putting it on. You can secure the ends with a small piece of tape or tie them on with a big of colored string. This can make a plain black dress upscale evening attire. A great tip for travelers.

If you have a charm bracelet or three, try adding a chain or cord to each end and wearing it as a necklace -- fun and tres chic.

The possibilities are endless... Just let your imagine take flight, and let me know if you come out with other great ways to wear jewelry.

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All About Celtic Jewelry

The Celts have a long history full of traditions and rituals. An extension of these traditions that lives on today is Celtic jewelry. A reflection of their rich history and culture, Celtic jewelry make beautiful Celtic jewelry that usually consist of intricate Celtic symbols and designs. Celtic rings, for example, have very intricate patterns of knots, spirals, chevrons and scrolls with each carrying it's own meaning. Such uniquely designed jewelry possess irresistable charm and appeal to both men and women of all cultures, not just the Irish. Well-made, authentic Celtic jewelry make perfect gifts for anyone who loves jewelry.

Many jewelry designs of the ancient Celts carry great significance. We will explore the most popular jewelry designs and the meanings behind them.

First, the Celtic spiral. The Celtic spiral represents eternity. Spirals are a common Celtic symbol and any type of jewelry can have a spiral inscribed.

Next we have the Celtic cross, which came about two centuries before the Christian cross. It is a popular piece of jewelry that is believed to increase knowledge, wisdom, and fortitude.

Another popular design used in Celtic jewelry are Celtic knots. The intricacy of these designs make them both fashionable and timeless jewelry works of art. There is no definite information on the actual meaning of looping Celtic knots but these are believed to ward off evil spirits or bring eternity and interconnectedness to its wearer. The lack of documentation on these desi

gns simply add to the mystery and widespread appeal of these wonderful jewelry pieces. Claddagh rings are beloved Celtic symbols and its meaning is the well-documented. Claddagh designs consist of a heart (representing love) and are topped by a crown (representing loyalty) which are both held by two hands (representing friendship). It should certainly be of no surprise that Claddagh rings make popular engagement and wedding bands. The symbolism and beauty of these rings have resulted in a growth of newlyweds-to-be buying these as wedding rings around the world. It is also known to be a great gift between good friends. Often, the gift is given along with the saying "Let love and friendship reign". How a Claddagh ring is worn carries deep significance as well. When the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward, it shows that the wearer is unattached. If the heart is turned inward, it shows that he or she is already attached. When the ring is worn on the left hand with the heart turned inward, it shows two loves joined in marriage.

With the timeless elegance and history behind Celtic jewelry, it is certainly an excellent reason for anyone looking for jewelry to choose it over traditional jewelry pieces for their loved one.

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Gold and Silver Jewelry Add Special Touches to Any Occasion

It would not be surprising to many people to know that most women include gold and silver jewelry on their wish lists, either as gifts or as a way to treat themselves with a reward or just to feel pampered. And women are not alone in their love of fine jewelry, as more and more men enjoy wearing quality pieces as well. The most popular metals used in crafting fine jewelry are gold and silver, both of which are classified as precious metals.Gold and silver jewelry come in an almost infinite number of designs and types. If a designer of jewelry is working at a high level of artistry, the pieces will usually be created using 925 sterling silver or 14 karat gold. Two very popular genres of gold and silver jewelry are Celtic jewelry styles and Gothic jewelry styles, both of which are seen in many collections of popular jewelry designers. Even though both of these styles tend to be more frequently made out of silver, there are some who prefer the look of gold jewelry, even for these styles.Jewelry pieces can also contain precious and semi-precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. With its new growth in popularity these days, turquoise is hot again, turning up in sterling silver rings, pendants, and earrings. Cubic Zirconia is a more affordable alternative for those who have tight budget but still admire the sparkling look of real diamonds. CZ jewelry is an artificial stone that closely resembles the much more costly diamond stones. There are many affordable options and designs incorporating CZ stones so your choices are just as broad.Celebrations, holidays and other special events motivate people to enhance their outfits with jewelry to complement the tone of the distinctive occasion. A statement of fashion and power, jewelry has been around for centuries, from ancient civilizations to the modern day. Even in the ancient world, jewelry of silver or gold was popular enough to serve as a marker of wealth, power, or social status. For people of wealth or royalty, much of their jewelry was and still is custom made, of course. Also, the rich and famous are often afforded the convenience of scheduled appointments, where a jeweler will visit them and discuss custom designs.A few decades ago, more and more consumer catalogs started carrying jewelry and that became a popular way to shop for jewelry products. Nowadays, shopping on the internet at online jewelry stores or online jewelry auctions has made shopping for gold and silver jewelry very simple and convenient, as well as providing more choices than one can even imagine.
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