Gold and Silver Jewelry Add Special Touches to Any Occasion

It would not be surprising to many people to know that most women include gold and silver jewelry on their wish lists, either as gifts or as a way to treat themselves with a reward or just to feel pampered. And women are not alone in their love of fine jewelry, as more and more men enjoy wearing quality pieces as well. The most popular metals used in crafting fine jewelry are gold and silver, both of which are classified as precious metals.Gold and silver jewelry come in an almost infinite number of designs and types. If a designer of jewelry is working at a high level of artistry, the pieces will usually be created using 925 sterling silver or 14 karat gold. Two very popular genres of gold and silver jewelry are Celtic jewelry styles and Gothic jewelry styles, both of which are seen in many collections of popular jewelry designers. Even though both of these styles tend to be more frequently made out of silver, there are some who prefer the look of gold jewelry, even for these styles.Jewelry pieces can also contain precious and semi-precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. With its new growth in popularity these days, turquoise is hot again, turning up in sterling silver rings, pendants, and earrings. Cubic Zirconia is a more affordable alternative for those who have tight budget but still admire the sparkling look of real diamonds. CZ jewelry is an artificial stone that closely resembles the much more costly diamond stones. There are many affordable options and designs incorporating CZ stones so your choices are just as broad.Celebrations, holidays and other special events motivate people to enhance their outfits with jewelry to complement the tone of the distinctive occasion. A statement of fashion and power, jewelry has been around for centuries, from ancient civilizations to the modern day. Even in the ancient world, jewelry of silver or gold was popular enough to serve as a marker of wealth, power, or social status. For people of wealth or royalty, much of their jewelry was and still is custom made, of course. Also, the rich and famous are often afforded the convenience of scheduled appointments, where a jeweler will visit them and discuss custom designs.A few decades ago, more and more consumer catalogs started carrying jewelry and that became a popular way to shop for jewelry products. Nowadays, shopping on the internet at online jewelry stores or online jewelry auctions has made shopping for gold and silver jewelry very simple and convenient, as well as providing more choices than one can even imagine.
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