Some Guide So As To Find Beautiful And Good Diamond.

By: Nancy Jason

As you know , wedding is considered a important and happy event in our life .In the wedding day, the ring is an important thing, so people want to choose the best one for darling. Now, there are many kinds of the diamond. Like as anything else, diamonds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, a wide variety of prices. So you should careful seach and fully understand before decide to buy. The very first step in this process is to find wholesale dealers who specialize in loose diamonds, where you have the best chance of them being able to offer you the perfect diamond stone. There are a wide variety of diamond and precious gem wholesale dealers out there, so you want to first make sure that the loose diamonds wholesale supply is filled with a wide choice of quality gemstones.

When looking at diamonds in particular, remember the “four Cs” of diamond selection – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. The diamond should be clear and sparkling with a small hint of reflective color. The diamond cut must be very precise and clean without rough edges. Don’t be afraid to ask for a magnifying glass, or if you really want to look like you know what you are doing, ask to borrow their “loop”, which is the name of the small monocle microscope used by quality jewelers. Take the time to look at your potential selection closely and from various angles to make sure you detect any flaws that might be present in the stone. Loose diamonds come in many different cuts from the diamond wholesale suppliers.

You should take the time to make sure you are familiar with the types of cuts that are commonly available so that you will know the type you are looking for. The round cut is one of the most popular and very classic cuts on the market. This type of cut lends itself very well to a very classic design and tends to designate a very traditional person. Do you consider yourself or your spouse as being traditional? If so, this might be the best cut of diamond to choose. A round solitaire diamond is very classic and traditional. Part of the “classic traditional” flavor of this cut is the connection between the round shape of the stone and the metal body of the ring. The circle of the ring reflects the roundness of the stone, where the circle signifies eternity and unity.

You may also wish to consider the marquis cut. This type of design cut is usually associated with royalty or elegance. This cut will give the diamond additional reflective qualities that are not matched by other cuts. The marquis cut also gives the illusion of having more depth than what reality dictates. The marquis cut is usually associated with an air of sophistication, if that is what your future spouse reflects. Another cut of diamond that is very unique is the heart shape. This cut is typically more expensive than other cuts, simply because of the additional skill and craftsmanship that is required to make such an intricate cut on a gemstone. The heart shape of course will indicate the attribute of love in an obvious manner, but this cut also subtly states that skilled artists, effort, and expense were involved in the creation of this stone. Another cut that has been gaining a bit of popularity in recent years is the pear cut. This cut designates the attributes of unique, young, as well as new and fresh. Like the heart cut, the pear cut will cost a bit more than other cuts because of the additional effort and skill required to create this cut, but owners of pear diamond cuts are extremely happy with the end result. In order to choose the good diamond, the first thing you must know what you look for and the prices of it. I think if you have fully knowledge about the diamond, you will choose beautiful and good diamond.

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