Pearl Bracelets

So you’re interested in a pearl bracelet. What do you need to know about these fabulous pieces of pearl jewelry? The following will explain the most common types of pearl bracelets on the market today and their particular features.Freshwater Pearl Bracelets – are ever increasing in popularity. The improvement in quality and economic pricing make these bracelets extremely attractive for many women. You can find these pearl bracelets in numerous forms such as fashion jewelry to your more common classic pearl bracelet.Akoya Pearl Bracelets – Round, lustrous, and containing minimum imperfections, these types of pearl bracelets are commonly seen on women’s wrists as elegant dinner parties, weddings, as well as other special events. In general Akoya pearls hold a higher quality as compared to freshwater pearls. Of course with the higher quality you’re sure to encounter higher pricing but if you shop with a reputable company you’re sure to get what you pay for!Tahitian Pearl Bracelets - You won’t find many people wearing one of these and the reason being is because they are considered a high end piece of jewelry with a hefty price tag. These types of pearl bracelets hold some of the most exotic pearls the pearl market has to offer! Combine it with diamonds and you’ll sure to obtain a dazzling effect that will turn all heads to you.Whatever your decision is, make sure you measure you wrist before you buy a pearl bracelet. Having a tight bracelet that will cut off your circulation will not be comfortable. To measure, you can simply use a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist as if it were the desired bracelet length. Mark the string and measure it up to a ruler. If it’s 7.5 inches long then you know you’ll need a bracelet that is around 7.5 inches long!
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