Saving Money on Diamonds and Jewelry Matching (Tips from the pros)

Tips from the Pros (how to become a smarter diamonds shopper) A few simple facts will help you save money and become a smart diamond shopper! 1. Diamond grades have points at which the cost of the diamond can rise or decrease precipitously, thus you should try to find a diamond that is a lower weight group but with similar measurements to the higher group. For example a 1.00 ct with 6.1 mm would cost more than 10% from a 0.96 ct with 6.1 mm this difference in weight won't be noticed to the naked eye. There are a few simple facts that will help you to save money when you are Looking for your diamond. 2. Fluorescence makes a difference in the appearance in only 2% of the stones but it receives a 2-5% discount in the market. So by buying a medium fluorescence diamond you will lower the price of your purchase with a low probability to notice a genuine difference. (Very strong and strong fluorescence has a higher probability to affect the appearance of the diamond). 3. We all want a perfect diamond to our loved ones or ourselves but we cant always afford a flawless diamond, the clarity of the stone is not visible to the naked eye between IF-VS2 and even SI are not supposed to make a difference once the stone is set in a jewelry so if you have a budget that you must keep SI1 is more than enough. 4. Very important - all of the above is based on the assumption that the stone is graded according to the GIA grading. Now how would you match the diamonds you buy with your own jewelry Matching a diamond to your jewelry To perfectly match your diamonds with your jewelry you must keep reading. 1. Colors-after you know your budget and preferable design you need to match the color of the diamond to the jewelry. Color in diamonds?! First of all there are natural colored diamonds and second of all the material from which the jewelry is made will help you better choose the color of your diamond. As a thumb rule white gold setting helps the diamond to appear as a higher color than rose gold. So if buying a D color diamond doesn't suit your planned budget choose a lower color with white gold. 2. Measurements-find out what is the range of the needed measurements for your chosen jewelry before purchasing the diamond. 1.00 ct round diamond can be 6.6 mm and it can also be 5.9 mm so you need to research a bit before matching a diamond. (You can and should do it the other way around – buy the diamond according to your budget and than bring it to a local jeweler for setting or buy both from the same online vendor to ensure a perfect fit). 3. Multi diamond jewelry-if you decide to purchase a multi diamond jewelry don’t forget that the human eye determines colors through comparison so it will have a less wanted affect if your side stones will be D color and the center stone J color the other way around should create a better affect.
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