Where You Can Find a Discount Diamond

In today's age of discount stores and retailers, it's not unusual for any shopper to be looking for a lower price on anything they're looking for. This is true even when it comes to a discount diamond; shoppers are scouring the internet and anyplace else they can think of to save a few dollars off the price of a ring or pendant or even loose diamonds for their own investment or startup jewelry business. If you're in the market for what could be called a discount diamond, where to start looking and what to look for?

First, keep in mind that a diamond doesn't lose its value simply because it's old or has been owned before, the way a car or some other merchandise might. A ten-year-old car is going to be less than a new one because of the wear and tear and damage it suffers through everyday use, but a ten-year-old diamond is going to be just as valuable today. So when looking for a discount diamond don't rule out places such as estate sales, auction house, jewelry stores that are going out of business, and so on. People today have a certain mindset that tells them that something needs to be new to be valuable but this just isn't applicable when it comes to diamonds, gold, platinum, and so on.

When shopping for a discount diamond check out wholesalers. Many have not just loose gems but they also cut and polish them and have many mountings from which you can choose. If you're looking for an engagement ring or other setting, you might not have as many options for your discount diamond as you would if you went to a jewelry store or elsewhere, but usually a wholesaler will offer enough variety with their settings that you'll find something you'll like.

If you're shopping online at a place like eBay or another such site, be sure that you get a certificate of authenticity for your discount diamond. There are many legitimate pieces of jewelry and deals to be had online; if you had some old jewelry you wanted to sell you'd probably list it online too, right? So there's no reason to think that every auction or online site is a scam, but you do want to use some discretion. Any legitimate seller should be willing to send you a copy of the certificate of authenticity before you buy, if they don't have it visibly posted online.

With the advances in technology it is very difficult to tell the difference between a man made or synthetic diamond from a real one. Even some of the experts can not tell the difference and in some cases a man made diamond may even be of better quality than a natural one because it will have less flaws in it. A man made diamond has all of the properties of a natural one and the only difference is it did not take several million years to create. A man made diamond usually run about 25 to 50 percent of the cost of a natural one so if you are looking for a great deal on the price of a diamond then take a look at man made diamonds.

Shopping for a discount diamond is just like shopping for anything else for which you want to get a discount. It requires some work and research and a bit more effort on your part, but the savings you'll find will be worth it.

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