Akoya Pearls: tips to know them better

Every time you appreciate a traditional single-strand pearl necklace, it is most likely to be decorated with Akoya pearls. Akoya pearls are those classic and timeless natural gems that can make an ordinary jewelry piece to look like an adorable one. Have you ever thought, what make Akoya pearls so desirable? Here is some information on these beautiful pearls:

Commercial Akoya pearls are cultivated from a smaller variety of oyster known as Pinctada fucata martensii, a saltwater species. Although, they have a Japanese name, the oyster has a Chinese origination. Currently, they are widely cultured in countries like Japan, China, Korea and Sri Lanka.

Usually, the color and size decide the price of the pearl. Typical roundish in shape, Akoya pearls are available in different range of colors. The standard size of Akoya pearls range from 3 mm – 9 mm. Pearls which are of 10 mm size are considered rare and expansive. Besides these two, Akoya Pearls have other determining features:

Shine and Nacre
These pearls enjoy the highest luster in all pearls. You will be surprised to know that, in dim lights, a high quality Akoya pearl reflect its aura and display interesting color contrast.

Akoya pearls come with a minimum of 0.35 mm of nacre thickness.

Quality of the Surface
It is seen that the pearls having large or thick nacre develop some blemishes on their surface. It is mainly due to the fact that blemishes emerge as the result of a long time in the oyster.

Color of Pearls
Colors of pearls play a significant role in determining the prices of akoya pearls. The pearls’ colors and overtones decide its value to a great extent. Take a look on the colors of the pearls as per their value:

Light Pink -- The highest price Akoya pearl
White -- white body color normally with silver or pink overtone
Light Cream -- cost less than white. But in low quality pearls, the different between the two are small
Cream -- lower than light cream one
Dark Cream &Yellow -- Less 50% of price than white Akoya Pearl

Pink: higher the value
Silver: without much affection
Green: sometimes decrease the price slightly

Akoya pearls are available in mainly four shape; round, off-round, semi-baroque and baroque.

So, next time when you plan to buy an Akoya pearl, be sure that your buy the one that worthy of its price.

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