Pearl powder – ruling the world of beauty

Pearl powder has been in much demand from the times mankind has known the secrets of beauty. If Oriental medical history tells in length about the use of pearl powder in rejuvenating beauty of an ageing skin, the nourishing effect of pearl powder transpired through the boundaries of the nations; and has found mentions in several literary works world over.

Times have changed. And with changing times the value of pearl powder have grown to become almost priceless. Today, beauty conscious souls evaluate pearl power similar to what Cocaine means for a drug addict. The cosmetic industry has been making relentless advertisement about their products made out from pearl power. The beauty benefits of pearls have long been known to Chinese. Taking heed from the use of pearl powder as lotions and as pills consumed for health and vitality, several countries around the world made it into a practice of making use of pearl powder is several beneficial ways.

Today, the world uses pearl power is as anti-aging substances. It is believed that several famous stage artists apply the powder before makeup to protect the skin from chemical effects of face-paint as well as from the arc light. Resultantly, Pearl power is present in the form of capsules, masks, creams, and ready-to-be used sachets. But, pure pearl powder is highly expensive and only a lucky few around the world can only have the privilege to use it.

However, a surge in the artificial production of pearl has resulted in lessening of the price. Ready to be sourced from a cultured mediums, pearl powder can be made easily available for millions to take benefit of. Only that it is still to be understood whether artificially grown pearl have same therapeutic effects or not.

Till then, be it pearl milk powders or face foundations mixed with other herbs, pearl powders are there to rule the minds of every beauty conscious soul.

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