If You Want To Avoid The Jitters Of Jewelry Shopping

Buying jewelry is one of the most exciting shopping instincts among women. Women all over the world are fascinated by jewelry in any form, any time, and every wise and smart man on earth knows that the best way to please a woman is to gift her jewelry. Some mysterious feminine logics say jewelry is as important as their other daily necessities like shoes and make-up.

However, there are many reasons why people buy jewelry. Women take it to satiate their own need. Men purchase jewelry as this is the best way to satiate a woman`s desire. Some people buy jewelry to gift others on some special occasions. Whether jewelry is cheap or expensive, it is bought for a long-term purpose as it is associated with a person`s sentiments and emotions. Purchasing jewelry can be highly exciting if you are familiar with its designs, various forms and other details.

Types of Jewelry:

Jewelry can be of standard design or custom-made and prepared of any metal- gold, silver, diamond, glass, platinum, etc. Gold jewelry is the most popular among all other material. From the ancient times jewelry lovers have preferred it and the designers have given shape to this yellow luster. The prime thing to know about the gold jewelry is the karat. As pure gold is generally not used for it softness it is mixed with some other metal to give shape. Karat is the proportion of gold in a piece of jewelry. Generally jewelry is found of 20-k, 18-k, 16-k, 14-k, 12-k. professionally, less than 10-k jewelry are not considered as gold jewelry.

Diamonds are Forever:

Diamond is the best form of jewelry one can purchase. Considered some major aspects of diamond like its carat, color, cut and clarity the diamond jewelry can be judged with its another aspect that is design. The luster of the diamond in the jewelry greatly depends on its cut. However, the price of the diamond is calculated considering all these aspects.

Platinum Jewelry:

Platinum jewelry is highly expensive and can be combined with some other metal to prepare jewelry. Most of the jewelry products are made using some precious and semi precious stones and gems. Even they are carved on some metal jewelry. It would be better on the part of the buyer to have some prior knowledge before purchasing jewelry designed with gems and stones. Amber, emerald, jade, nephrite, lapix lazuli, pearl and many more are choice of women to adorn their beauty. It is advisable to check and ensure the originality and quality of the gems and stones before purchasing them.

How to Purchase Jewelry:

If you are purchasing jewelry for your own, you know what your choice is. But if you are buying it for someone else or for a gift purpose, it is better to consider certain aspects for making your dealing the right one. Consider the choice and lifestyle of the person and her personality as well who is going to wear the jewelry. It is not always right that the more expensive the jewelry, the more beautiful it will look on the person who wears it.

Selecting a trustful retailer would help you get the best of your price. Remember that if you are new to buying jewelry, you are less likely to get a good deal from the seller. To avoid having to pay more for what you can get in less, make it a point to bring someone with you who has got substantial experience in buying jewelry. Buying jewelry online is also a wise decision. Usually, online jewelry sellers offer you their products with reasonable prices and you can count on their qualities as well.

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The Most Cost-Effective Way To Find Jewelry For You Weeding

The use of jewelry dates back to the ancient age when it was being predominately used by people. Hence, it is not passing trend that will fade away after a couple years. In fact, with the emergence of innovative and aesthetic designs by many jewelry designers, people around the world are getting increasingly addicted to using it.

Jewelry has always been an essential part of wedding accessories irrespective of different cultures around the world. It adds a sparkle to the wedding occasions and makes them appear extraordinary special. However, the use of jewelry is not confined to marriages only; many people were it for fashion. Due to the popular passion towards jewelry, the number of jewelry suppliers and jewelry brands are constantly increasingly.

Buying jewelry during wedding can be an expensive undertaking. Here are some tips that can help you find an alternative to buying costly jewelry.

1. If you are head over hills with a particular piece of jewelry that it is way beyond your budget, you can consider buying a similar piece with less expensive materials. For instance, crystals or cubic zirconia are a nice alternative to real stones. They not only look as dazzling and exquisite as the real stones, but also affordable ones.

2. If you just want to look expensive, go for gold-plated jewelry or silver instead of platinum of solid gold. A casual observer can`t tell them apart. This can save you from spending unnecessarily in jewelry during weddings.

3. If you want to include pearls without paying much for them, you may consider freshwater cultured pearls which are relatively cheaper than other types of pearls. Alternatively, you may consider buying pearl-shaped crystals as well.

4. If you want to buy several pieces of jewelry, you can always ask for discounts. In fact, many online stores offer some amount of liberty to their buyers on the prices of jewelry. Hence, you can think of a discount while buying a wide variety of pieces.

5. Online stores such as eBay offer a wonderful assortment of inexpensive pieces of jewelry that are available for online auction. You can take advantage of it and buy yourself some really good jewelry without spending a lot of money. Moreover, inventory of jewelry changes from time to time on these online stores. Hence, if you are not satisfied with a particular piece, you can always come back to these stores to buy some better jewelry.

6. Renting jewelry is one of the other affordable options incase you are running dry on money with regards to buying jewelry for your wedding. Many people rent different pieces of jewelry for wedding receptions and other ceremonies.

7. Many online stores offer jewelry for weddings at cheaper prices. If you are particular about designing your jewelry in specific way, consider buying your jewelry from those stores. The best thing about these stores is they offer you the benefit of complete customization according to your choice. There are many online stores such as Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin that offer jewelry-making supplies. These facilities are also available on eBay too.

8. If you are organizing the wedding on a very shoe-string budget and can not imagine buying jewelry for your wedding, you can consider borrowing them for a day or two from any of your family members or intimate friends. It can add a great sentimental value to the wedding. Also, it saves you from spending a fortune on buying jewelry only for a day.

You can use the above tips to save your money and yet look fabulous with some stunning jewelry on the special day of wedding.

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Pearl powder – ruling the world of beauty

Pearl powder has been in much demand from the times mankind has known the secrets of beauty. If Oriental medical history tells in length about the use of pearl powder in rejuvenating beauty of an ageing skin, the nourishing effect of pearl powder transpired through the boundaries of the nations; and has found mentions in several literary works world over.

Times have changed. And with changing times the value of pearl powder have grown to become almost priceless. Today, beauty conscious souls evaluate pearl power similar to what Cocaine means for a drug addict. The cosmetic industry has been making relentless advertisement about their products made out from pearl power. The beauty benefits of pearls have long been known to Chinese. Taking heed from the use of pearl powder as lotions and as pills consumed for health and vitality, several countries around the world made it into a practice of making use of pearl powder is several beneficial ways.

Today, the world uses pearl power is as anti-aging substances. It is believed that several famous stage artists apply the powder before makeup to protect the skin from chemical effects of face-paint as well as from the arc light. Resultantly, Pearl power is present in the form of capsules, masks, creams, and ready-to-be used sachets. But, pure pearl powder is highly expensive and only a lucky few around the world can only have the privilege to use it.

However, a surge in the artificial production of pearl has resulted in lessening of the price. Ready to be sourced from a cultured mediums, pearl powder can be made easily available for millions to take benefit of. Only that it is still to be understood whether artificially grown pearl have same therapeutic effects or not.

Till then, be it pearl milk powders or face foundations mixed with other herbs, pearl powders are there to rule the minds of every beauty conscious soul.

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Akoya Pearls: tips to know them better

Every time you appreciate a traditional single-strand pearl necklace, it is most likely to be decorated with Akoya pearls. Akoya pearls are those classic and timeless natural gems that can make an ordinary jewelry piece to look like an adorable one. Have you ever thought, what make Akoya pearls so desirable? Here is some information on these beautiful pearls:

Commercial Akoya pearls are cultivated from a smaller variety of oyster known as Pinctada fucata martensii, a saltwater species. Although, they have a Japanese name, the oyster has a Chinese origination. Currently, they are widely cultured in countries like Japan, China, Korea and Sri Lanka.

Usually, the color and size decide the price of the pearl. Typical roundish in shape, Akoya pearls are available in different range of colors. The standard size of Akoya pearls range from 3 mm – 9 mm. Pearls which are of 10 mm size are considered rare and expansive. Besides these two, Akoya Pearls have other determining features:

Shine and Nacre
These pearls enjoy the highest luster in all pearls. You will be surprised to know that, in dim lights, a high quality Akoya pearl reflect its aura and display interesting color contrast.

Akoya pearls come with a minimum of 0.35 mm of nacre thickness.

Quality of the Surface
It is seen that the pearls having large or thick nacre develop some blemishes on their surface. It is mainly due to the fact that blemishes emerge as the result of a long time in the oyster.

Color of Pearls
Colors of pearls play a significant role in determining the prices of akoya pearls. The pearls’ colors and overtones decide its value to a great extent. Take a look on the colors of the pearls as per their value:

Light Pink -- The highest price Akoya pearl
White -- white body color normally with silver or pink overtone
Light Cream -- cost less than white. But in low quality pearls, the different between the two are small
Cream -- lower than light cream one
Dark Cream &Yellow -- Less 50% of price than white Akoya Pearl

Pink: higher the value
Silver: without much affection
Green: sometimes decrease the price slightly

Akoya pearls are available in mainly four shape; round, off-round, semi-baroque and baroque.

So, next time when you plan to buy an Akoya pearl, be sure that your buy the one that worthy of its price.

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